You have undoubtedly heard about the famous FEMALE INTUITION about all the things males do wrong or for wrong outcomes of decisions or projects that males undertake. Female intuition is most often expressed by females with these most famous words that males hate to hear : "I had a bad feeling about that".

1. "I told you so. I had a bad feeling about that".

2. "You didn't want to listen when I gave you my opinion why this (or that) would go wrong. I had a bad feeling about that".

3. "I did not want you to make that investment in the first place and now look at all the money we have lost on it. I had a bad feeling about that."

The list goes on. If you have a few more suggestions or examples drop me a note: explains logically that this whole business of "female intuition" is a lot of bunk.

The reason why females are over 80% of the time right in believing that new ideas and new ventures that males embark upon will fail, is simply a matter of statistics. Embarking upon new ideas and ventures bears within it risk. Males are more inclined to take risks than females. Females are by nature risk-averse. Somebody has to pioneer new territories, somebody has to try to build a flying machine, somebody has to try to do the impossible and it is predominantly males that do all these risky and foolish things. Without males doing all these risky and foolish things, mankind would likely still sit around fires in caves and flying coast to coast in 5 hours would have to wait for the very few risk taking females like Emilia Earhart who was not risk adverse (I am sure that many a female and some males as well "had a bad feeling about" any of the daring flights she took, and yep, they were right about her last flight.)

I will write a bit more on this subject of female intuition in the future when time permits.

Actually female intuition is not unlike expert knowledge that is just as useless as female intuition. See